Whether you are a serious collector or just someone with a budding interest in the macabre , or perhaps you have an interest in the world of True Crime and and the people who commit those crimes . . . or just maybe you are curious as to what really goes on inside the minds of our most prolific serial killers . . . What kind of person kills over and over and over until they are finally stopped ? What do cannibals actually think about and talk about with their friends ? How do these men and women spend their time once placed in prison for life ? Or while waiting to be executed on Death Row ? You will find the answers to those questions and more as you peruse the pages of Death Merchant . . . You will encounter the strange , the bizarre , the demented and twisted ; you will be amused and shocked and even amazed at the talent of some of the most deadly psychopaths ever captured. And if you have a favorite and would like to own a very special little piece of Criminal History , you can find it all right here . . . ENJOY !