Douglas Clark lock of hair *OUT OF STOCK*
Douglas Clark lock of hair *OUT OF STOCK*

Douglas Clark lock of hair *OUT OF STOCK*

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Douglas Clark says he's innocent and I'm not going to rule out that story, but that's not what landed him on San Quentin's death row.  This is:  In the summer of 1980, Carol Bundy (no relation to Ted, but that would make this story even more bizarre)  and Douglas Clark would regularly drive along Sunset Boulevard to pick up prostitutes. Once parked on a quiet street, Clark would have the prostitute perform oral sex on him while Bundy watched. As he climaxed, Clark would shoot the women in the head.  In the end, The bodies of the women were left out in the open, near Ventura Highway, one victim's head was missing. Allegedly, Clark took the head home with him and stored it in the fridge.  Bundy discovered the head and decided to do her hair and make up and then Clark used the head in the shower for "a bout of necrophilia".  The head was placed in a box a couple of days later and left it in an alley.  In the end, Clark and Bundy were both arrested.  Bundy was charged with two murders while Clark was charged with six.  Clark acted as his own defense in court and blamed all the murders on Bundy.  The jury was unconvinced and sentenced him to death in 1983. 

Douglas Clark authentic hair from a haircut in 2010.  Hair comes inside a ziplock bag with his signature/address affixed to paper. 

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