Dorothea Puente *DECEASED* Visiting Form Signed
Dorothea Puente *DECEASED* Visiting Form Signed Dorothea Puente *DECEASED* Visiting Form Signed

Dorothea Puente *DECEASED* Visiting Form Signed

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Dorothea Helen Puente was a serial killer out of California.  Nobody would have thought that this little old lady was capable of what she was REALLY doing…
Dorothea Puente ran a boarding house for some elderly tenants.  Her intentions all along were to steal their money.  Some said she refused to give them their mail, while others said they were well taken care of with her homecooked meals.  Little did they all know how sinister this little old lady was…
Puente began killing her tenants, collecting their SSI checks, and burying them in the yard.  She was finally caught when the disappearance of one tenant Alberto Montoya (a developmentally disabled man came to light) and he was reported missing.  During the investigation, they unearthed 7 bodies in her yard.  Puente was actually charged with 9 murders but only convicted of 3.  She escaped the death sentence and was given two life sentences instead.

One juror said "Executing Puente would be like executing mine or your Grandma."

This is a visiting form sent from Dorothea Puente in 2010. She has signed it with her name, Department of corrections number, and dated it ( 6-12-2010).  Puente actually died from natural causes at the age of 82 in prison on March 27th, 2011.  She had earned herself the nicknames Death House Landlady, The Black Widow of Sacramento, and The Grandma Serial Killer.  A truly awesome piece that would look great framed!

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