Charles Justo 11x16 painting
Charles Justo 11x16 painting

Charles Justo 11x16 painting

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This one's for all the ladies out there who have ever had a man put a hand on them against their will.  If only all such cases would have such a poetic ending. . .
Charles Justo was an Alabama serial rapist who made a habit of stalking college campuses for his next victim and as luck would have it, either his rotten luck or someone else's good luck, his last victim turned out to be none other than a female undercover FBI agent. When he attempted to abduct said agent, thinking she was a college co-ed, said agent proceeded to beat the fuck out of him in the likes of which Mr. Justo had never seen before and then she called for backup.  When fellow agents arrived, Mr. Justo was face down in the gravel, whining about police brutality.  He later dropped the accusations because he didn't want fellow inmates to know he got his ass kicked by a female.  All that aside, he can paint rather well and here's some geese as proof.  
This painting is 11x16 (matted on cardboard) and signed Justo in the lower right corner.

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