Buddy Lewis 9x12 painting -- Reaper
Buddy Lewis 9x12 painting -- Reaper

Buddy Lewis 9x12 painting -- Reaper

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Sometimes a couple just shouldn't be together.  After you hear this story, you'll probably agree with that assessment.  Buddy Ray Lewis and his significant other (who shall remain nameless to protect the identity of the victim's family) coexisted with a love/hate relationship to end all love/hate relationships.  All the police in the county where they lived knew the directions to the house by heart.  No need for GPS system here, as a police car was usually dispatched to the residence approximately 9 days a week on average.  

It is pretty much a toss up who was getting the worse end of the deal.  Sometimes she got her ass kicked, often times, it was he who got the ass beating.  But then on the fateful day that Mr. Lewis got out of bed on the wrong side and his significant other had the temerity to burn his breakfast.  All hell broke loose in the Lewis residence.  After Mr. Lewis smashed the plate of eggs in the victim's face, she proceeded to stab him with a fork, at which point he screamed out, "I'll kill you, you fucking whore!" and made a dash for his gun cabinet.  Unfortunately for Mr. Lewis, she had her pistol closer at hand.  When Mr. Lewis turned to make good on his threat, she shot his ass first.  But as luck would have it, when she attempted to finish him off, the gun was jammed. That then afforded Mr. Lewis the opportunity to make good on his threat and he shot her dead.  But being wounded in the leg and bleeding profusely, he was forced to call for medical assistance.  When the authorities arrived, you can pretty much figure out the rest.  
Mr. Lewis is serving life without parole for murder.  As you can see, he is a rather gifted artist.  While his case is not well-known, his talent warrants an honorable mention.

9x12 painting of a reaper, signed "Bud" on the lower right corner.

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