ISAKIN DRABBAD Abstractopath Baby Doll #2 *Contains DNA* *OUT OF STOCK*
ISAKIN DRABBAD Abstractopath Baby Doll #2 *Contains DNA* *OUT OF STOCK* ISAKIN DRABBAD Abstractopath Baby Doll #2 *Contains DNA* *OUT OF STOCK*

ISAKIN DRABBAD Abstractopath Baby Doll #2 *Contains DNA* *OUT OF STOCK*

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Isakin Jonsson (now Isakin Drabbad) is a Swedish inmate dubbed by the media as the Skara Cannibal, a name he hates and rejects.   In 2010, at the age of 32, Drabbad murdered his live in girlfriend.  After killing his 40-year-old girlfriend, he called the police and explained what he had done.  He had decapitated her, cut other parts of her body off.  He told them “When you come here, you don’t have to go after me, I’m as calm as can be.”

In court, Isakin said "I remember how I slit her throat. Then I went to the kitchen and started cooking.”

He was sent to a psychiatric facility instead of the prison.  In his free time, he works on his art.  In the link below, he will talk about his process in the interview and answer some questions.  Another video shows him doing a simple drawing using the pointillism technique with both hands.

Isakin made this  doll himself in the facility where he is currently housed.  The material is the hospitals toilet paper, chinese rice paper, tooth picks, sewing thread, chinese ink, and finished with a clear coat that is for wood usage usually.  Isakin used it on doll for stability and a better finish as well as to make the color pop.  The inside is stuffed and packed with toilet paper, inside in the core of each dolls head there is a piece of paper that contains his blood, spit, hair and sperm.  The doll is not as fragile as one would think considering it is made out of toilet paper.  The doll took months to make.

In Isakin’s own words “You probably won’t believe me and that is okay, but I will tell you anyway.  The dolls are not empty.  And if they are, they will not be for long.  The dolls are possessed of one or more spirits.

The buyer also buys that, and all that comes with it.  They own the happening and it is guaranteed things will start to happen in your life and all around you after you buy the doll.  The happenings and what make the happenings…that is bound to the dolls and the exit fort for them to do their work is the human owner and for the owner to close that exit the owner has to sell the doll and the new buyer becomes the exit.  If the owner destroys the doll or throws it away or something like that?... Then the happening will never ever stop.  Because then the owner becomes possessed.  You could say that the owner becomes the new doll.  There is no exit, from then on, what possesses them does not need an exit.  The human no longer exits, there is no exit, they must accept the happening.”

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