Roy Norris letter + envelope (with art)
Roy Norris letter + envelope (with art) Roy Norris letter + envelope (with art) Roy Norris letter + envelope (with art)

Roy Norris letter + envelope (with art)

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Roy Norris, along with his partner in crime Lawrence Bittaker, are responsible for the kidnapping, rape and murder of five teenage girls.  The two men met in prison and bonded over violence and misogyny  (Yes ladies, they're single).  They were both released from prison in 1979, which is when they started their creepy murder spree by luring girls into their van, torturing and killing them.  Norris, being the little gossip queen that he is, decided to share with a friend about he and Bittaker's expoits.  The friend of course notified the authorities.  Norris was under surveillance by the police, who didn't have to watch him long before witnessing him dealing drugs and arresting him for violating his parole.  Bittaker was arrested the same day after being linked to a rape case.  Ten days later, Norris made a confession about the murders, placing the majority of the blame on Bittaker.  Norris accepted a plea agreement-he pled guilty and was sentenced to 45 years to life with parole eligibility.  Bittaker was sentenced to death. In the event that the sentence imposed was ever reverted to life imprisonment, the judge imposed an alternate sentence of 199 years, 4 months' imprisonment to take immediate effect. 

Roy Norris two page letter, signed in full.  Original mailing envelope included with tiger art. 


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