Brandon McInerney Prison Photograph
Brandon McInerney Prison Photograph

Brandon McInerney Prison Photograph

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On February 12th, 2008 student Brandon McInerney shot and killed an openly gay student named Larry King in school.  Prior to the shooting, Larry King apparently approached Brandon McInerney on the basketball court in front of other students and asked him to be his Valentine.  On another occassion, he passed McInerney in the corridor and called out "Love you baby".  He would parade in front of McInerney in high heels and make up.  McInerney, a quiet yet popular student with a troubled home life was humiliated and frustrated by Larry King's advances towards him.  Other students noticed what was going on and began to tease McInerney which only fueled his frustration.  When he didn't know what to do, he attempted to find students to back him up and beat up Larry King for him but nobody was interested in doing that.  Brandon McInerney then snapped, approaching a friend of Larry King's and telling them to say goodbye to King because they would never see him again.  
On the morning of February 12th 2008, McInerney removed a .22-caliber revolver from his bag in the computer lab and shot King twice in the back of the head.  He then tossed the gun on the floor and walked out of the classroom.  King did not die right away, but was rushed to the hospital and declared brain dead.  He was kept on life support for a couple of days so his organs could be donated.
The story made national headlines and an HBO documentary was made called "Valentine Road".  This case is unique as the perpetrator did not single his victim out due to his sexual orientation, but snapped because he felt frustrated by his victims unwanted advances.
Brandon McInerney was sentenced to 21 years in prison.
This is a copy of a rare unpublished photograph of Brandon McInerney during a prison visit with his mother.

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