Phillip Jablonski Small Werewolf Drawing *OUT OF STOCK*
Phillip Jablonski Small Werewolf Drawing *OUT OF STOCK*

Phillip Jablonski Small Werewolf Drawing *OUT OF STOCK*

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Phillip Jablonski just can't seem to control himself around women.  No one seems to be off limits.  In 1964, he attempted to rape his younger sister.   In 1968, he tried several times to murder his wife, who eventally divorced him.  In 1978, Jablonski murdered his (second) common-law wife and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.  During his prison stay, he  assaulted his mother in a trailer during a family visit.  It was said if it weren't for his father being there, he would have likely murdered his mother.  He started taking up pen pal ads while in prison, looking for a relationship.  A woman started writing to him and they hit it off and eventually got married.  When he was released in 1980, he ended up murdering her and her mother.  He then killed a woman he attended community college with and carved "I heart Jesus" on her back.  The victim had a keychain with that saying on it.  He fled the state of California after that murder and ended up killing a woman working at a gas station.  He was apprehended the following day in Kansas, found guilty of the murders and sentenced to death.

This werewolf drawing is very small, but is a cool little piece.  It is signed in full and dated 2010.  It is in perfect condition with no tears, creases, or folding.

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