Joshua Komisarjevsky 2 page letter and envelope
Joshua Komisarjevsky 2 page letter and envelope

Joshua Komisarjevsky 2 page letter and envelope

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Joshua Komisarjevsky & Steven Hayes are the two men responsible for the notorious crime known as the Cheshire Connecticut Home Invasion Murders.  On July 22, 2007, Jennifer Hawke-Petit took her daughter 11-year old Michaela to a local grocery store to pick up food for Jennifer's pre birthday meal.  It was there that they attracted the attention of Komisarjevsky and Hayes.
Their plan was to break into the Petit home, leave them unharmed, and rob them.  But instead, it took a turn for the worst.  During the attack, the father, William Petit escaped.  11-year-old Michaela was sexually assaulted.  Hayes strangled Jennifer dousing her in gas along with the rest of the house.  The two daughters Michaela and Hayley were tied to their beds, doused in gasoline, and had pillow cases placed over their heads.  Once the fire was started, Komisarjevsky and Hayes fled the scene, leaving the girls to die.
Hayes, the older of the two, had a long criminal history.
Komisarjevsky, on the other hand, did not.  He was adopted by Benedict Komisarjevsky, the son of theatrical director Theodore Komisarjevsky, and dancer Ernestine Stodelle, and his wife Jude.  He is a very cultured, artistic, and intelligent individual, perhaps this is why this crime shocked so many.

HBO broadcast a documentary by filmmaker David Heilbroner called The Cheshire Murders about the murders on July 22, 2013.

Both were on Death Row, but Connecticut has since abolished the Death Penalty, so they will most likely spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Two page letter (3 if counting front and back) handwritten by Komisarjevsky. 

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